Matcha and Cheescake – Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Angel Cafe

Matcha is a finely ground powdered green tea that originated in China but was later adopted my the Japanese who began to popularize it in desserts. You may recognize its distinct bitter, earthy flavor when eating green tea ice cream or drinking that $14 dollar green smoothie your girlfriend made you buy because you guys are on some sort of STUPID YOGA DETOX CLEANSE THAT SHE FORCED YOU INTO DOING AGAINST YOUR WILL, EVEN THOUGH YOU TOLD HER MULTIPLE TIMES THAT NATUROPATHY IS STUPID AND $14 IS WAY TOO MUCH TO PAY FOR A SMOOTHIE..


Anyways, Uncle Tetsu’s is a Japanese bakery that specializes in Japanese style cheesecake with a unique gimmick. All the waitresses are in maid outfits…whether that sounds perverted or cute to you, there’s no denying that this is a happening spot in Toronto. Most days you’ll be waiting in a big line up to get a cheesecake to take home and even on the Wednesday afternoon I went, the place was still packed wall to wall.

First first few bites took me for surprise. This was not the usual New York style cheesecake I was used to. It was airy and light, with the texture of a mousse. Flavor-wise, I still have to give it to good ol’ New York style cheesecake. This cake was like 90% air and doesn’t coat the tongue like a more dense cheesecake would.

Overall, I would say the cheesecake is alright at best.

The matcha latte however was perfectly sweetened with a nice earth bitterness to balance it off. They also drew a cute bear into it!

Obviously, we had to get a picture with one of the maids…



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