“”You need classic technique. You need to know everything, then forget everything.””
-Massimo Bottura


About Me
Hey there! Thanks for visiting! My name is Matt and I’m a 21 year old culinary student studying at George Brown College in Toronto. I have about six years experience in kitchens and butcher shoppes. All my life I’ve dreamed about cooking and becoming a professional chef and this year I finally took the plunge and packed all my things, quit my job moved to Toronto, and went to school! Some other things I enjoy doing are: playing Magic the Gathering, skateboarding and playing with my dog (whom I miss very much!)

About my Blog

The name “Sauce on my Shirt” comes from my dad, who without fail will always leave a restaurant with a sauce stain on his shirt.

This is a Toronto based food blog where I will post my school blogging assignments, some personal recipes, my restaurant experiences, and my daily life in culinary school in hopes that I can spark some inspiration in all of you! Some big influences for my blog are Serious Eats and 17 and Baking both of which I’ve been following for years! Both are very different and represent different areas of my love for food. One follows ingredients and specific processes to perfect and master as dish while the other is about passion and the story we follow as we cook and taste.

About my Cooking
Over years of experience, every chef or cook will develop their own personal cooking style. Some like slaving over an open flame rotating a pig, and some prefer grilling a quick steak. Some like using the freshest ingredients served from the farm straight to their table, while others like to can, pickle and ferment to let those flavors deepen an develop.

It’s actually kind of ironic that after six years working in a butcher shoppe, that I prefer to let my plants do the talking in my dishes. You’ll find me in the produce section of the grocery store, scratching lemons and knocking on watermelons. I look for fresh and seasonal and prefer to let my ingredients do all the work for me. I like my food to be refreshing and to leave you feeling bright and energetic (with lots of room for dessert!).


Grilled Canada Prime NY Strip Loin, Chimichurri, Parsnip and Celery Root purée, Beet and Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese and an Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette.

My Goals for the Future

When I was a small child, me and my Dad would sit in front of our 32 inch CRT TV on a Saturday afternoon and watch the Iron Chef (The Japanese one!). Watching the chefs running around frantically and yet preparing something so elegant and delicate was something I knew I wanted to do. This was the first time I truly learned to appreciate the art of food. I could directly see the result of the effort the chefs put in and I would stare in awe when the spotlight shined down on Iron Chef Michiba while the announcer would yell “WINNER!”. From then on, I knew that was what I wanted to be. Not just a cook, or a chef, or even an executive chef. The very best. At the time of writing this post, I know I’m not even 0.00001% of the way there but I’m working very hard and I will continue to do so until I’m 95 years old and in a wheelchair. And maybe one day, my grandchildren will gather around their 150 inch hologram projector and see a rerun of Iron Chef Season 90 and look to see ol’ grandpa Matt on TV with a spotlight on him.


My inspiration for wanting to become a chef. Image via http://www.eatdrinkbreathe.com/
Credit to Iron Chef (料理の鉄人) – Fuji Television Network, Inc.